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Crypto++ maintains three mailing lists for the project and users. They are actually Google Groups, and they use Google's services to ensure availability of the groups and its messages.

The first mailing list is cryptopp-users. This list is also referred to as the Users Group. This is the mailing list users should ask questions, make feature requests or discuss bugs. Please ask questions at cryptopp-users, and don't ask questions in the bug reporter.

The second mailing list is cryptopp-announce. The project makes announcements there, like when a new version of the library is available. Some announcements are also sent to cryptopp-users.

The third mailing list is cryptopp-build. The project sends continuous integration and other test results there, like TravisCI, AppVeyor and Coverity scan results. The list is read-only, but we can give write privileges for someone who wants to send test results to the list.

Please do not ask questions in our bug reporter. Use the cryptopp-user mailing list instead.