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Crypto++® Library 8.2

Free C++ library for cryptographic schemes originally written by Wei Dai and includes ciphers, message authentication codes, one-way hash functions, public-key cryptosystems, key agreement schemes, and deflate compression.


Crypto++ offers implementations for well known and lesser known schemes and algorithms. Below is a small list of well known systems.

Diffie-Hellman Key Agreement HTAB.pngHTAB.png Advanced Encryption Standard HTAB.pngHTAB.png RSA Cryptography
Elliptic Curve Cryptography HTAB.pngHTAB.png Digital Signature Algorithm HTAB.pngHTAB.png ElGamal Cryptosystem
x25519 Key Agreement HTAB.pngHTAB.png ed25519 Signature Scheme HTAB.pngHTAB.png ChaCha20 Stream Cipher

Finding Things

The official documentation is the Crypto++ annotated sources. You can find it on the Crypto++ main page at the Crypto++ Library API Reference.

The wiki has a lot of information in it. You can try All Pages to see a list of all pages, or you can use Random Page to get a random page. You can also use the special Categories Page if you know the category of information you are seeking.

If you have an idea about what you want, then try the Search feature in the toolbox on the left. Be sure to click Search, and not Go (or press ENTER since that's Go).

If you are looking for something that's not part of the library, then it might be available as a Patch. The Patch page is maintained by the community and collects third party contributions and provides them to the community under the same licensing terms as the library itself.

Quick Links

Crypto++ Homepage HTAB.pngHTAB.png Login or Create an Account HTAB.pngHTAB.png Wikified FAQ
Crypto++ Users Group HTAB.pngHTAB.png Crypto++ Manual HTAB.pngHTAB.png Recommended Books
Crypto++ GitHub Project HTAB.pngHTAB.png Crypto++ Roadmap HTAB.pngHTAB.png Products using Crypto++
Crypto++ License HTAB.pngHTAB.png Reporting Bugs HTAB.pngHTAB.png Supported Compilers