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Crypto++ source code is available from GitHub. The latest code (including bug fixes) can be found at Wei Dai's Crypto++ project page. The project migrated from SourceForge in June, 2015.

Its safe to use GitHub Master for your project. The library does not experiment in Master. That is, it is always the latest stable version of the library.

The are two levels of access to GitHub. The first is User access, which is read-only. The second is Collaborator access, which allows read and write. Wei has provided Collaborator access to a handful on individuals to ensure the health of the project.

The following will provide minimal instructions for checking out the project and generating patches with git diff. The instructions will likely offend anyone skilled with Git.

User Access

To checkout the source code as read-only, clone the repository with:

git clone

To update from the repository, perform a git pull.

To discard or abandon changes so an update will succeed, perform git reset --hard HEAD.

If you make changes to the sources, then you can create a patch with: git diff master. It does not require local checkouts to follow the remote checkout. The additional argument of master is needed in case you performed a git add on a file without checking out again.

Quick Build

Once downloaded, issue the following under GNU Linux to build the archive, shared object, and test program. See Linux for full details (and information on FreeBSD and OpenBSD).

cd cryptopp
make static dynamic test
sudo make install PREFIX=/usr/local