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Articles tagged with Build System detail an alternate build system for Crypto++ or provide information for configuring the library. The official build systems for Crypto++ are GNUmakefile on Unix and Linux, and Visual Studio on Windows. Alternate build systems are officially unsupported.

We no longer include alternate build system files with the library. We tried including them but it was a failed experiment. The problem was, the library maintainers had to fix the bugs in the alternate build system. It was taking too much of our time.

The new model is, the sponsor of the build system sets up a separate GitHub or GitLab, and provides the files themselves. Then, we add a wiki article for the build system. The Download section of the wiki article points to the external GitHub project. The sponsor of the build system keeps it up to date and fixes the bugs.

Autotools and CMake are two examples of alternate build systems for Crypto++. They have a wiki page detailing usage, but they point to an external GitHub.