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LUCSS< STANDARD, H > Struct Template Reference

LUC signature scheme with appendix. More...

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- Public Types inherited from TF_SS< LUC, STANDARD, H >
typedef STANDARD Standard
 see SignatureStandard for a list of standards
typedef Standard::SignatureMessageEncodingMethod MessageEncodingMethod
typedef TF_SignatureSchemeOptions< TF_SS< LUC, STANDARD, H, int >, LUC, MessageEncodingMethod, H > SchemeOptions
typedef PK_FinalTemplate< TF_SignerImpl< SchemeOptions > > Signer
 implements PK_Signer interface
typedef PK_FinalTemplate< TF_VerifierImpl< SchemeOptions > > Verifier
 implements PK_Verifier interface
- Public Types inherited from LUC
typedef LUCFunction PublicKey
typedef InvertibleLUCFunction PrivateKey
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TF_SS< LUC, STANDARD, H >
static std::string StaticAlgorithmName ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from LUC
static std::string StaticAlgorithmName ()

Detailed Description

template<class STANDARD, class H>

LUC signature scheme with appendix.

Template Parameters
STANDARDsignature standard
Hhash transformation

This class is here for historical and pedagogical interest. It has no practical advantages over other trapdoor functions and probably shouldn't be used in production software. The discrete log based LUC schemes defined later in this .h file may be of more practical interest.

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