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DSA2< H > Class Template Reference

DSA signature scheme. More...

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static std::string StaticAlgorithmName ()

Detailed Description

template<class H>
class DSA2< H >

DSA signature scheme.

Template Parameters
HHashTransformation derived class

The class is named DSA2 instead of DSA for backwards compatibility because DSA was a non-template class.

DSA default method GenerateRandom uses a 2048-bit modulus and a 224-bit subgoup by default. The modulus can be changed using the following code:

 DSA::PrivateKey privateKey;
 privateKey.GenerateRandomWithKeySize(prng, 2048);

The subgroup order can be changed using the following code:

 AlgorithmParameters params = MakeParameters
   (Name::ModulusSize(), 2048)
   (Name::SubgroupOrderSize(), 256);
 DSA::PrivateKey privateKey;
 privateKey.GenerateRandom(prng, params);
See also
DSA, as specified in FIPS 186-3, Digital Signature Algorithm on the wiki, and NameValuePairs on the wiki.
Crypto++ 1.0 for DSA, Crypto++ 5.6.2 for DSA2, Crypto++ 6.1 for 2048-bit modulus.

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