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RSASS< STANDARD, H > Struct Template Reference

RSA signature algorithm. More...

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- Public Types inherited from TF_SS< RSA, STANDARD, H >
typedef STANDARD Standard
 see SignatureStandard for a list of standards
typedef Standard::SignatureMessageEncodingMethod MessageEncodingMethod
typedef TF_SignatureSchemeOptions< TF_SS< RSA, STANDARD, H, int >, RSA, MessageEncodingMethod, H > SchemeOptions
typedef PK_FinalTemplate< TF_SignerImpl< SchemeOptions > > Signer
 implements PK_Signer interface
typedef PK_FinalTemplate< TF_VerifierImpl< SchemeOptions > > Verifier
 implements PK_Verifier interface
- Public Types inherited from RSA
typedef RSAFunction PublicKey
typedef InvertibleRSAFunction PrivateKey
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TF_SS< RSA, STANDARD, H >
static std::string StaticAlgorithmName ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from RSA
static const char * StaticAlgorithmName ()

Detailed Description

template<class STANDARD, class H>

RSA signature algorithm.

Template Parameters
STANDARDsignature standard
Hhash transformation

See documentation of PKCS1v15 for a list of hash functions that can be used with it.

See also
RSA signature scheme with appendix
Crypto++ 1.0

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