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ElGamal Class Reference

ElGamal encryption scheme with non-standard padding. More...

Public Types

typedef DL_CryptoSchemeOptions< ElGamal, ElGamalKeys, int, int, int > SchemeOptions
typedef SchemeOptions::GroupParameters GroupParameters
typedef PK_FinalTemplate< ElGamalObjectImpl< DL_EncryptorBase< Integer >, SchemeOptions, SchemeOptions::PublicKey > > Encryptor
 implements PK_Encryptor interface
typedef PK_FinalTemplate< ElGamalObjectImpl< DL_DecryptorBase< Integer >, SchemeOptions, SchemeOptions::PrivateKey > > Decryptor
 implements PK_Decryptor interface

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * StaticAlgorithmName ()

Detailed Description

ElGamal encryption scheme with non-standard padding.

Crypto++ 1.0

Definition at line 131 of file elgamal.h.

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