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gf2n.h File Reference

Classes and functions for schemes over GF(2^n) More...

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class  PolynomialMod2
 Polynomial with Coefficients in GF(2) More...
class  PolynomialMod2::DivideByZero
 Excpetion thrown when divide by zero is encountered. More...
class  GF2NP
 GF(2^n) with Polynomial Basis. More...
class  GF2NT
 GF(2^n) with Trinomial Basis. More...
class  GF2NPP
 GF(2^n) with Pentanomial Basis. More...


bool operator== (const ::PolynomialMod2 &a, const ::PolynomialMod2 &b)
bool operator!= (const ::PolynomialMod2 &a, const ::PolynomialMod2 &b)
bool operator> (const ::PolynomialMod2 &a, const ::PolynomialMod2 &b)
 compares degree
bool operator>= (const ::PolynomialMod2 &a, const ::PolynomialMod2 &b)
 compares degree
bool operator< (const ::PolynomialMod2 &a, const ::PolynomialMod2 &b)
 compares degree
bool operator<= (const ::PolynomialMod2 &a, const ::PolynomialMod2 &b)
 compares degree
inline::PolynomialMod2 operator& (const ::PolynomialMod2 &a, const ::PolynomialMod2 &b)
inline::PolynomialMod2 operator^ (const ::PolynomialMod2 &a, const ::PolynomialMod2 &b)
inline::PolynomialMod2 operator+ (const ::PolynomialMod2 &a, const ::PolynomialMod2 &b)
inline::PolynomialMod2 operator- (const ::PolynomialMod2 &a, const ::PolynomialMod2 &b)
inline::PolynomialMod2 operator* (const ::PolynomialMod2 &a, const ::PolynomialMod2 &b)
inline::PolynomialMod2 operator/ (const ::PolynomialMod2 &a, const ::PolynomialMod2 &b)
inline::PolynomialMod2 operator% (const ::PolynomialMod2 &a, const ::PolynomialMod2 &b)
GF2NPBERDecodeGF2NP (BufferedTransformation &bt)
void swap (::PolynomialMod2 &a,::PolynomialMod2 &b)

Detailed Description

Classes and functions for schemes over GF(2^n)

Definition in file gf2n.h.