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config_ns.h File Reference

Library configuration file. More...

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 Crypto++ library namespace.


#define Weak1   Weak
#define CryptoPP
#define DOCUMENTED_TYPEDEF(x, y)   class y : public x {}
#define protected   private
#define ANONYMOUS_NAMESPACE_BEGIN   namespace {
#define USING_NAMESPACE(x)   using namespace x;
#define DOCUMENTED_NAMESPACE_BEGIN(x)   namespace x {

Detailed Description

Library configuration file.

config_ns.h provides defines for C++ and library namespaces.

config.h was split into components in May 2019 to better integrate with Autoconf and its feature tests. The splitting occurred so users could continue to include config.h while allowing Autoconf to write new config_asm.h and new config_cxx.h using its feature tests.

You should include config.h rather than config_ns.h directly.
See also
Issue 835, Make config.h more autoconf friendly, script on the Crypto++ wiki
Crypto++ 8.3

Definition in file config_ns.h.