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counted_ptr< T > Class Template Reference

Reference counted pointer. More...

Public Member Functions

 counted_ptr (T *p=NULL)
 counted_ptr (const T &r)
 counted_ptr (const counted_ptr< T > &rhs)
const T & operator* () const
T & operator* ()
const T * operator-> () const
T * operator-> ()
const T * get () const
T * get ()
void attach (const T &p)
counted_ptr< T > & operator= (const counted_ptr< T > &rhs)

Detailed Description

template<class T>
class counted_ptr< T >

Reference counted pointer.

Template Parameters
Tclass or type

users should declare m_referenceCount as std::atomic<unsigned> (or similar) under C++ 11

Definition at line 129 of file smartptr.h.

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