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WAKE_Policy< B > Class Template Reference

WAKE stream cipher operation. More...

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- Public Types inherited from AdditiveCipherConcretePolicy< word32, 1, 64 >
typedef word32 WordType
 Word type for the cipher.
- Public Member Functions inherited from AdditiveCipherConcretePolicy< word32, 1, 64 >
unsigned int GetAlignment () const
 Provides data alignment requirements. More...
unsigned int GetBytesPerIteration () const
 Provides number of bytes operated upon during an iteration. More...
unsigned int GetIterationsToBuffer () const
 Provides buffer size based on iterations. More...
bool CanOperateKeystream () const
 Flag indicating. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from AdditiveCipherAbstractPolicy
virtual unsigned int GetOptimalBlockSize () const
 Provides number of ideal bytes to process. More...
virtual void WriteKeystream (byte *keystream, size_t iterationCount)
 Generate the keystream. More...
virtual void CipherResynchronize (byte *keystreamBuffer, const byte *iv, size_t length)
 Resynchronize the cipher. More...
virtual void SeekToIteration (lword iterationCount)
 Seeks to a random position in the stream. More...
virtual std::string AlgorithmProvider () const
 Retrieve the provider of this algorithm. More...
- Static Public Attributes inherited from AdditiveCipherConcretePolicy< word32, 1, 64 >
static const int BYTES_PER_ITERATION
 Number of bytes for an iteration. More...

Detailed Description

template<class B = BigEndian>
class WAKE_Policy< B >

WAKE stream cipher operation.

Template Parameters
BEndianness of the stream cipher
Crypto++ 1.0

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