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Threefish256::Enc Class Reference

Encryption transformation. More...

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- Public Types inherited from Threefish_Base< 32 >
typedef SecBlock< word64, AllocatorWithCleanup< word64, true > > AlignedSecBlock64
- Public Member Functions inherited from Threefish_Base< 32 >
void SetTweak (const NameValuePairs &params)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BlockCipherImpl< Threefish_Info< 32 > >
unsigned int BlockSize () const
 Provides the block size of the algorithm. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from AlgorithmImpl< BASE, ALGORITHM_INFO >
std::string AlgorithmName () const
 The algorithm name. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from AlgorithmImpl< BASE, ALGORITHM_INFO >
static std::string StaticAlgorithmName ()
 The algorithm name. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from Threefish_Base< 32 >
AlignedSecBlock64 m_wspace
AlignedSecBlock64 m_rkey
AlignedSecBlock64 m_tweak

Detailed Description

Encryption transformation.

Enc provides implementation for encryption transformation. All key and block sizes are supported.

Crypto++ 6.0

Definition at line 88 of file threefish.h.

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