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PolynomialOverFixedRing< T, instance > Class Template Reference

Polynomials over a fixed ring. More...

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Public Types

typedef T Ring
typedef T::Element CoefficientType
typedef B::DivideByZero DivideByZero
typedef B::RandomizationParameter RandomizationParameter

Public Member Functions

int Degree () const
 the zero polynomial will return a degree of -1
unsigned int CoefficientCount () const
 degree + 1
CoefficientType GetCoefficient (unsigned int i) const
 return coefficient for x^i
CoefficientType operator[] (unsigned int i) const
 return coefficient for x^i
ThisTypeoperator= (const ThisType &t)
ThisTypeoperator+= (const ThisType &t)
ThisTypeoperator-= (const ThisType &t)
ThisTypeoperator*= (const ThisType &t)
ThisTypeoperator/= (const ThisType &t)
ThisTypeoperator%= (const ThisType &t)
ThisTypeoperator<<= (unsigned int n)
ThisTypeoperator>>= (unsigned int n)
void SetCoefficient (unsigned int i, const CoefficientType &value)
 set the coefficient for x^i to value
void Randomize (RandomNumberGenerator &rng, const RandomizationParameter &parameter)
void Negate ()
void swap (ThisType &t)
bool operator! () const
ThisType operator+ () const
ThisType operator- () const


ThisType operator>> (ThisType a, unsigned int n)
ThisType operator<< (ThisType a, unsigned int n)


std::istream & operator>> (std::istream &in, ThisType &a)
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &out, const ThisType &a)


 PolynomialOverFixedRing (unsigned int count=0)
 creates the zero polynomial
 PolynomialOverFixedRing (const ThisType &t)
 copy constructor
 PolynomialOverFixedRing (const B &t)
 PolynomialOverFixedRing (const CoefficientType &element)
 construct constant polynomial
template<typename Iterator >
 PolynomialOverFixedRing (Iterator first, Iterator last)
 construct polynomial with specified coefficients, starting from coefficient of x^0
 PolynomialOverFixedRing (const char *str)
 convert from string
 PolynomialOverFixedRing (const byte *encodedPoly, unsigned int byteCount)
 convert from big-endian byte array
 PolynomialOverFixedRing (const byte *BEREncodedPoly)
 convert from Basic Encoding Rules encoded byte array
 PolynomialOverFixedRing (BufferedTransformation &bt)
 convert from BER encoded byte array stored in a BufferedTransformation object
 PolynomialOverFixedRing (RandomNumberGenerator &rng, const RandomizationParameter &parameter)
 create a random PolynomialOverFixedRing
static const ThisTypeZero ()
static const ThisTypeOne ()


ThisType MultiplicativeInverse () const
bool IsUnit () const
ThisType Doubled () const
ThisType Squared () const
CoefficientType EvaluateAt (const CoefficientType &x) const
static void Divide (ThisType &r, ThisType &q, const ThisType &a, const ThisType &d)
 calculate r and q such that (a == d*q + r) && (0 <= r < abs(d))

Detailed Description

template<class T, int instance>
class PolynomialOverFixedRing< T, instance >

Polynomials over a fixed ring.

Having a fixed ring allows overloaded operators

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