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P1363_KDF2< H > Class Template Reference

P1363 key derivation function. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static void DeriveKey (byte *output, size_t outputLength, const byte *input, size_t inputLength, const byte *derivationParams, size_t derivationParamsLength)
 P1363 key derivation function. More...

Detailed Description

template<class H>
class P1363_KDF2< H >

P1363 key derivation function.

Template Parameters
Hhash function used in the derivation
See also
P1363_MGF1, KeyDerivationFunction, P1363_KDF2 on the Crypto++ wiki
Crypto++ 2.0

Definition at line 749 of file pubkey.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ DeriveKey()

template<class H >
static void P1363_KDF2< H >::DeriveKey ( byte output,
size_t  outputLength,
const byte input,
size_t  inputLength,
const byte derivationParams,
size_t  derivationParamsLength 

P1363 key derivation function.

outputthe destination byte array
outputLengththe size of the destination byte array
inputthe message to hash
inputLengththe size of the message
derivationParamsadditional derivation parameters
derivationParamsLengththe size of the additional derivation parameters

DeriveKey calls P1363_MGF1KDF2_Common

Definition at line 760 of file pubkey.h.

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