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GF2_32 Class Reference

GF(2^32) with polynomial basis. More...

Public Types

typedef word32 Element
typedef int RandomizationParameter

Public Member Functions

 GF2_32 (word32 modulus=0x0000008D)
Element RandomElement (RandomNumberGenerator &rng, int ignored=0) const
bool Equal (Element a, Element b) const
Element Identity () const
Element Add (Element a, Element b) const
Element & Accumulate (Element &a, Element b) const
Element Inverse (Element a) const
Element Subtract (Element a, Element b) const
Element & Reduce (Element &a, Element b) const
Element Double (Element a) const
Element MultiplicativeIdentity () const
Element Multiply (Element a, Element b) const
Element Square (Element a) const
bool IsUnit (Element a) const
Element MultiplicativeInverse (Element a) const
Element Divide (Element a, Element b) const

Detailed Description

GF(2^32) with polynomial basis.

Definition at line 16 of file gf2_32.h.

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