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ASNOptional< T > Class Template Reference

Optional data encoder and decoder. More...

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Public Member Functions

void BERDecode (BERSequenceDecoder &seqDecoder, byte tag, byte mask=~CONSTRUCTED)
 BER decode optional data. More...
void DEREncode (BufferedTransformation &out)
 DER encode optional data. More...
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 member_ptr (T *p=NULL)
const T & operator* () const
T & operator* ()
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T * operator-> ()
const T * get () const
T * get ()
T * release ()
void reset (T *p=NULL)

Detailed Description

template<class T>
class ASNOptional< T >

Optional data encoder and decoder.

Template Parameters
Tclass or type

Definition at line 654 of file asn.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ BERDecode()

template<class T >
void ASNOptional< T >::BERDecode ( BERSequenceDecoder seqDecoder,
byte  tag,
byte  mask = ~CONSTRUCTED 

BER decode optional data.

seqDecodersequence with the optional ASN.1 data
tagASN.1 tag to match as optional data
maskthe mask to apply when matching the tag
See also
ASNTag and ASNIdFlag

Definition at line 662 of file asn.h.

◆ DEREncode()

template<class T >
void ASNOptional< T >::DEREncode ( BufferedTransformation out)

DER encode optional data.

outBufferedTransformation object

Definition at line 671 of file asn.h.

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