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GCM< T_BlockCipher, T_TablesOption > Class Template Reference

The GCM mode of operation. More...

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Public Types

typedef GCM_Final< T_BlockCipher, T_TablesOption, true > Encryption
typedef GCM_Final< T_BlockCipher, T_TablesOption, false > Decryption

Detailed Description

template<class T_BlockCipher, GCM_TablesOption T_TablesOption = GCM_2K_Tables>
class GCM< T_BlockCipher, T_TablesOption >

The GCM mode of operation.

Template Parameters
T_BlockCipherblock cipher
T_TablesOptiontable size, either GCM_2K_Tables or GCM_64K_Tables

GCM provides the Encryption and Decryption typedef.

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