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AdditiveCipherAbstractPolicy Struct Reference

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AdditiveCipherConcretePolicy< word32, 1, 64 > AdditiveCipherConcretePolicy< word32, 16 > AdditiveCipherConcretePolicy< word32, 20 > AdditiveCipherConcretePolicy< word32, 256 > AdditiveCipherConcretePolicy< word32, 8 > ModePolicyCommonTemplate< AdditiveCipherAbstractPolicy > WAKE_Policy< B > Salsa20_Policy SosemanukPolicy SEAL_Policy< B > PanamaCipherPolicy< B > CTR_ModePolicy OFB_ModePolicy XSalsa20_Policy

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Public Member Functions

virtual unsigned int GetAlignment () const
virtual unsigned int GetBytesPerIteration () const =0
virtual unsigned int GetOptimalBlockSize () const
virtual unsigned int GetIterationsToBuffer () const =0
virtual void WriteKeystream (byte *keystream, size_t iterationCount)
virtual bool CanOperateKeystream () const
virtual void OperateKeystream (KeystreamOperation operation, byte *output, const byte *input, size_t iterationCount)
virtual void CipherSetKey (const NameValuePairs &params, const byte *key, size_t length)=0
virtual void CipherResynchronize (byte *keystreamBuffer, const byte *iv, size_t length)
virtual bool CipherIsRandomAccess () const =0
virtual void SeekToIteration (lword iterationCount)

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Definition at line 66 of file strciphr.h.

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