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RC2 Class Reference

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#include <rc2.h>

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RC2_Info BlockCipherDocumentation FixedBlockSize< 8 > VariableKeyLength< 16, 1, 128 >

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class  Base
class  Dec
class  Decryption
class  Enc
class  Encryption

Public Types

typedef BlockCipher Encryption
 implements the BlockCipher interface
typedef BlockCipher Decryption
 implements the BlockCipher interface

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * StaticAlgorithmName ()
static size_t StaticGetValidKeyLength (size_t n)

Static Public Attributes

static const int DEFAULT_EFFECTIVE_KEYLENGTH = 1024
static const int MAX_EFFECTIVE_KEYLENGTH = 1024
static const int BLOCKSIZE
static const int MIN_KEYLENGTH
static const int MAX_KEYLENGTH
static const int DEFAULT_KEYLENGTH
static const int KEYLENGTH_MULTIPLE
static const int IV_REQUIREMENT
static const int IV_LENGTH

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