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AutoSeededRandomPool Class Reference

Automaticly Seeded Randomness Pool. More...

#include <osrng.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AutoSeededRandomPool (bool blocking=false, unsigned int seedSize=32)
 use blocking to choose seeding with BlockingRng or NonblockingRng. the parameter is ignored if only one of these is available
void Reseed (bool blocking=false, unsigned int seedSize=32)
bool CanIncorporateEntropy () const
virtual bool CanIncorporateEntropy () const
 returns true if IncorporateEntropy is implemented
void IncorporateEntropy (const byte *input, size_t length)
virtual void IncorporateEntropy (const byte *input, size_t length)
 update RNG state with additional unpredictable values
void GenerateIntoBufferedTransformation (BufferedTransformation &target, const std::string &channel, lword size)
virtual void GenerateIntoBufferedTransformation (BufferedTransformation &target, const std::string &channel, lword length)
 generate random bytes as input to a BufferedTransformation
void Put (const byte *input, size_t length)
virtual byte GenerateByte ()
 generate new random byte and return it
virtual unsigned int GenerateBit ()
 generate new random bit and return it
virtual word32 GenerateWord32 (word32 a=0, word32 b=0xffffffffL)
 generate a random 32 bit word in the range min to max, inclusive
virtual void GenerateBlock (byte *output, size_t size)
 generate random array of bytes
virtual void DiscardBytes (size_t n)
 generate and discard n bytes
template<class IT >
void Shuffle (IT begin, IT end)
 randomly shuffle the specified array, resulting permutation is uniformly distributed
virtual std::string AlgorithmName () const
 returns name of this algorithm, not universally implemented yet
virtual ClonableClone () const
 this is not implemented by most classes yet

Detailed Description

Automaticly Seeded Randomness Pool.

This class seeds itself using an operating system provided RNG.

Definition at line 86 of file osrng.h.

Member Function Documentation

unsigned int RandomNumberGenerator::GenerateBit (  )  [virtual, inherited]

generate new random bit and return it

Default implementation is to call GenerateByte() and return its lowest bit.

Definition at line 236 of file cryptlib.cpp.

References RandomNumberGenerator::GenerateByte().

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