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Crypto++® Library 5.6.2

What is it?

Crypto++ Library is a free C++ class library of cryptographic schemes. Currently the library contains the following algorithms:

algorithm typename
authenticated encryption schemes GCM, CCM, EAX
high speed stream ciphers Panama, Sosemanuk, Salsa20, XSalsa20
AES and AES candidates AES (Rijndael), RC6, MARS, Twofish, Serpent, CAST-256
other block ciphers IDEA, Triple-DES (DES-EDE2 and DES-EDE3), Camellia, SEED, RC5, Blowfish, TEA, XTEA, Skipjack, SHACAL-2
block cipher modes of operation ECB, CBC, CBC ciphertext stealing (CTS), CFB, OFB, counter mode (CTR)
message authentication codes VMAC, HMAC, GMAC (GCM), CMAC, CBC-MAC, DMAC, Two-Track-MAC
hash functions SHA-1, SHA-2 (SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512), SHA-3, Tiger, WHIRLPOOL, RIPEMD-128, RIPEMD-256, RIPEMD-160, RIPEMD-320
public-key cryptography RSA, DSA, ElGamal, Nyberg-Rueppel (NR), Rabin-Williams (RW), LUC, LUCELG, DLIES (variants of DHAES), ESIGN
padding schemes for public-key systems PKCS#1 v2.0, OAEP, PSS, PSSR, IEEE P1363 EMSA2 and EMSA5
key agreement schemes Diffie-Hellman (DH), Unified Diffie-Hellman (DH2), Menezes-Qu-Vanstone (MQV), LUCDIF, XTR-DH
elliptic curve cryptography ECDSA, ECNR, ECIES, ECDH, ECMQV
insecure or obsolescent algorithms retained for backwards compatibility and historical value MD2, MD4, MD5, Panama Hash, DES, ARC4, SEAL 3.0, WAKE-OFB, DESX (DES-XEX3), RC2, SAFER, 3-WAY, GOST, SHARK, CAST-128, Square

Other features include:


Crypto++ Library is copyrighted as a compilation and (as of version 5.6.2) licensed under the Boost Software License 1.0, while the individual files in the compilation are all public domain.

What's new?


The current version of Crypto++ supports the following compilers:

For detailed build status and notes on various compiler/OS/CPU combinations as well as information about compiling earlier versions of Crypto++, please see this wiki entry.


US Original SourceForge Mirrors
Crypto++ 5.0 Crypto++ 5.0
Crypto++ 5.1 Crypto++ 5.1
Crypto++ 5.2.1 Crypto++ 5.2.1
Crypto++ 5.4 Crypto++ 5.4
Crypto++ 5.5.2 Crypto++ 5.5.2
Crypto++ 5.6.0 Crypto++ 5.6.0
Crypto++ 5.6.1 Crypto++ 5.6.1
Crypto++ 5.6.2 Crypto++ 5.6.2

Remember to use the "-a" (auto-convert text files) option when unzipping on a Unix machine. After downloading, please read the Readme.txt included in the zip archive for build instructions and other important notes.

The zip files should have the following hashes:

MD5: fe8d4ef49b69874763f6dab30cbb6292
SHA-1: d0d83e60b6c03408370ca6c13aa5cac5e2220bf1
RIPEMD-160: 150db13d4df29020829f0fe817f54ee5a0595e50
SHA-256: c67c64693f32195e69d3d7e5bdf47afbd91e8b69d0407a2bc68a745d9dbebb26
MD5: f4bfd4ac39dc1b7f0764d61a1ec4df16
SHA-1: 95905714c85f6fb563e66edb5478818df787fe2d
RIPEMD-160: 8b7420c421be39e9976f1ce2a80840d7ed6b38ef
SHA-256: d183a98c28feb1e0f7d21d177469831e5052aa8ca446475e95a5ebe7a7feb3cd
MD5: 82a00c44235ccbae2bedf9cb16c40ac3
SHA-1: 4b84311d1cbde04df5d88b5375d29c2e35ccb89c
RIPEMD-160: 7c4d3cf702a1cf38f2a19cb5cebf170dabc23a35
SHA-256: d578d297f1804a6b1c3f9090cc77091e49ae6d0311846a45117e79d4d20c2a39
MD5: 40e760012d1b0b7e316676ef09e0a814
SHA-1: 88f6534b713fbbf5c1af5fdddc402b221eea73bf
RIPEMD-160: 8efd6d1ab9a34f69dfa2ef04852eff0efb69b47f
SHA-256: fa9aceb1b46c886b5c13fe5aa3d0cdbd74b4a2dd894e290cbdbfd17fe8a7fe5a
SHA-1: 18efe451b3c682f40db75dc2b09cb448a835e7d6
SHA-512: 62fa0aa79081b14cc87345c5364182d83cd1bde6ea732bcecc5cae02879d218159b324a0872d6ef70c1b1916cadb2243036918cbcf962f78b84c788c55d7520f
WHIRLPOOL: ff32165cd7bac87004d5a60550226ef6391901185d2c2262f58b278d6cc705fb74d5cfaabbcdc47fed16448b52499b061ab0bb07556b95e3ccd4b4441cbd3952
SHA-1: b836783ebd72d5bc6a916620ab2b1ecec316fef1
SHA-512: 37c5820404f9fa94e4ebe595865de17af13876bf5ef20c8612e019427893227f80095f21ee71c6caf781f14a493dc56805eb965e909f8fdce31a9f748b772655
WHIRLPOOL: fab7114bcd3eef5df0ef9d794ccb5f54670a7ef27f57f9662339e27d42dd2d19223ebee395e6a17e0fb2d48ea74139f3093f688db14bdefa650fb27f520c006b
SHA-1: 31dbb456c21f50865218c57b7eaf4c955a222ba1
SHA-256: 98e74d8cb17a38033354519ac8ba9c5d98a6dc00bf5d1ec3c533c2e8ec86f268
SHA-512: 6cc07f36b84a1043e01e458a826d4e3626a2d87b2f606352bc18f607e1c1a68dc3c9b3454659bc1e21e07c9addbf6f4255c5848205fb31c3f445c31a00ebfbf1
WHIRLPOOL: 51021ec68fa5b4a988fa343dce1e64455b33c922691a842a2f7801d7359e400bff342f381393aae42114a061cf9ab6365271d7a5c21dd5c26330d41dcb59bfc9
SHA-1: ddc18ae41c2c940317cd6efe81871686846fa293
SHA-256: 5cbfd2fcb4a6b3aab35902e2e0f3b59d9171fee12b3fc2b363e1801dfec53574
SHA-512: 016ca7ebad1091d67ad0bc5ccb7549d96d4af6b563d9d5a612cae27b3d1a3514c41b954e319fed91c820e8c701e3aa43da186e0864bf959ce4afd1539248ebbe
WHIRLPOOL: e31203da48a31b09e6ea48a75aa64fe5fd27fd370a1a609c4387526f09daab7582716563b688c0c81a8c3b200b8ffa7bdb2b981e5911640e5f1c172d6027f6ac

While You Are Downloading

FIPS 140-2 Conformance

The following versions of Crypto++ have been validated by NIST and CSE for FIPS 140-2 level 1 conformance. Because only compiled executable code can receive FIPS validation, these versions are listed separately from the other source-code-only downloads. These download packages include the validated binary object, header files, API reference, and FIPS related documentation. Source code is also included for debugging purposes. (You cannot compile Crypto++ yourself and claim FIPS 140-2 conformance on the resulting module, unless the it goes through the validation process again.)

Because these packages contain compiled executable code, they have been signed with a PGP public key which is included inside the package. You can verify the PGP key's fingerprint by following the certificate link and obtaining a copy of the Crypto++ Library Security Policy from NIST's web site. The fingerprint is given in the Security Policy.

Mailing Lists

There are two mailing lists for Crypto++.

As a courtesy, please join the discussion list with your real name instead of an online handle. When posting a question to the mailing list, be sure to provide the following information, if applicable:

To Contribute

If you wish to contribute a bug fix or new feature to Crypto++, please post it to the mailing list if its a small patch. Contact Wei Dai directly if the amount of code is more substantial.

Paid Support and Consulting

If you are interested in paid support for Crypto++ or consulting on a Crypto++ related project, please take a look at this list of companies and individuals providing such services. This listing is a free service for the Crypto++ community, and anyone may sign up to be listed by following the above link.

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