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I have encoded a file of 5 shares in default loaction or chanel using InformationDisperseFile() and now I'm trying to decode using InformationRecovery recovery().

InformationDisperseFile(2,5, F:\Test.doc);

Output: In F:\ drive I'm able to see 5 parts of file i,e

Test.doc000 Test.doc001 ....... ........ Test.doc004

To decode the above data i have used InformationRecoverFile function


But i dint see any contenets in Outputfile.doc.

So could u please help me in how i can use the above function.

Thanks in advance....

Regards, Shyam

I've got no idea why the ElGamal link is redlinked...

In the article, the link to "why is ElGamal is so slow" is marked red by MediaWiki. I have no idea why it does that, after all the link works (even it doesn't honor the subsection) --CrJPM (talk) 13:32, 20 October 2016 (UTC)