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One of the main objectives to moving Crypto++ from the FAQ to Wiki was the addition of Examples (Snippets), Sample Code, and Projects.

In addition to the examples provided for topics on the wiki, two pages should be of interest:


Should the reader have difficulty in finding Examples or Samples, he or she should Search for the Sample or Example (not Go). In addition, visiting the Category:Sample page will list most code snippets a sample programs.


See the Contribute page for information on helping the Crypto++ Project. Wei maintains the Source code, but other contibutions are appreciated (help on the mailing list, sample code, Wiki page references, etc).


The latest version of Crypto++, including patches and bug fixes, is available on Sourceforge via SVN.

If the reader is having difficulty in downloading from this site due to Browser Hardening, add as a Trusted Site in the browser's settings area.