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Crypto++ 8.5

Crypto++ 8.5 was released on March 7, 2021. The 8.5 release was a minor, planned release. There were no CVEs and no memory errors.

Crypto++ 8.5 was released in support of Apple M1 hardware. Feature detection was added for the platform to ensure the proper code paths are used at runtime.


The download is available from the Crypto++ website. The checksums for the download are below. Release signatures can be verified using GnuPG according to Release Signing.

Mirrors for the download are below. Note that GitHub checksums on the ZIP or TAR are different because the service creates the archive from sources.

Release Notes

The release notes for Crypto++ 8.5 follows.

Bug fixes and Minor Issues

No bugs were fixed at Crypto++ 8.5.

FIPS DLL deprecation

The FIPS DLL used to be an important artifact for Windows builds. NIST moved the Crypto++ library to the Historical Validation List in 2014. The Windows DLL is no longer validated.

The project files to build the FIPS DLL are cryptdll.vcxproj and dlltest.vcxproj. The projects are now deprecated and subject to removal.

File Changes

No files were added or removed at Crypto++ 8.5.