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secblockfwd.h File Reference

Forward declarations for SecBlock. More...

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class  SecBlock< T, A >
 Secure memory block with allocator and cleanup. More...
class  AllocatorWithCleanup< T, T_Align16 >
 Allocates a block of memory with cleanup. More...


typedef SecBlock< byte, AllocatorWithCleanup< byte, false > > SecByteBlock
typedef SecBlock< word, AllocatorWithCleanup< word, false > > SecWordBlock
typedef SecBlock< byte, AllocatorWithCleanup< byte, true > > AlignedSecByteBlock

Detailed Description

Forward declarations for SecBlock.

secblock.h and misc.h have a circular dependency. secblockfwd.h allows the library to sidestep the circular dependency, and reference SecBlock classes without the full implementation.

Crypto++ 8.3

Definition in file secblockfwd.h.