Crypto++  8.8
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randpool.h File Reference

Class file for Randomness Pool. More...

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class  RandomPool
 Randomness Pool based on AES-256. More...
class  OldRandomPool
 Randomness Pool based on PGP 2.6.x with MDC. More...

Detailed Description

Class file for Randomness Pool.

RandomPool can be used to generate cryptographic quality pseudorandom bytes after seeding the pool with IncorporateEntropy(). Internally, the generator uses AES-256 to produce the stream. Entropy is stirred in using SHA-256.

RandomPool used to follow the design of randpool in PGP 2.6.x. At version 5.5 RandomPool was redesigned to reduce the risk of reusing random numbers after state rollback (which may occur when running in a virtual machine like VMware or a hosted environment).

If you need the pre-Crypto++ 5.5 generator then use OldRandomPool class. You should migrate away from OldRandomPool at the earliest opportunity. Use RandomPool or AutoSeededRandomPool instead.

Crypto++ 4.0 (PGP 2.6.x style), Crypto++ 5.5 (AES-256 based)

Definition in file randpool.h.