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PSSR_MEM_BaseWithHashId< true > Class Template Reference

PSSR Message Encoding Method with Hash Identifier. More...

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- Public Member Functions inherited from PK_RecoverableSignatureMessageEncodingMethod
bool VerifyMessageRepresentative (HashTransformation &hash, HashIdentifier hashIdentifier, bool messageEmpty, byte *representative, size_t representativeBitLength) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from PK_SignatureMessageEncodingMethod
bool IsProbabilistic () const
 Determines whether an encoding method requires a random number generator. More...
bool AllowNonrecoverablePart () const
virtual void ProcessSemisignature (HashTransformation &hash, const byte *semisignature, size_t semisignatureLength) const
virtual void ProcessRecoverableMessage (HashTransformation &hash, const byte *recoverableMessage, size_t recoverableMessageLength, const byte *presignature, size_t presignatureLength, SecByteBlock &semisignature) const
virtual DecodingResult RecoverMessageFromSemisignature (HashTransformation &hash, HashIdentifier hashIdentifier, const byte *presignature, size_t presignatureLength, const byte *semisignature, size_t semisignatureLength, byte *recoveredMessage) const

Detailed Description

class PSSR_MEM_BaseWithHashId< true >

PSSR Message Encoding Method with Hash Identifier.

Template Parameters
trueflag indicating HashId is used

Definition at line 53 of file pssr.h.

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