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CallStack Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 CallStack (char const *i, CallStack const *p)
CallStack const * Prev () const
virtual std::string Format () const

Detailed Description

A simple unidirectional linked list with m_prev == 0 to indicate the final entry. The aim of this implementation is to provide a very lightweight and practical tracing mechanism with a low performance impact. Functions and methods supporting this call-stack mechanism would take a parameter of the form "CallStack const& callStack", and would pass this parameter to subsequent functions they call using the construct:

SubFunc(arg1, arg2, CallStack("my func at place such and such", &callStack));

The advantage of this approach is that it is easy to use and should be very efficient, involving no allocation from the heap, just a linked list of stack objects containing pointers to static ASCIIZ strings (or possibly additional but simple data if derived).

Definition at line 124 of file wait.h.

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