Crypto++  8.3
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ByteQueueNode Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 ByteQueueNode (size_t maxSize)
size_t MaxSize () const
size_t CurrentSize () const
bool UsedUp () const
void Clear ()
size_t Put (const byte *begin, size_t length)
size_t Peek (byte &outByte) const
size_t Peek (byte *target, size_t copyMax) const
size_t CopyTo (BufferedTransformation &target, const std::string &channel=DEFAULT_CHANNEL) const
size_t CopyTo (BufferedTransformation &target, size_t copyMax, const std::string &channel=DEFAULT_CHANNEL) const
size_t Get (byte &outByte)
size_t Get (byte *outString, size_t getMax)
size_t TransferTo (BufferedTransformation &target, const std::string &channel=DEFAULT_CHANNEL)
size_t TransferTo (BufferedTransformation &target, lword transferMax, const std::string &channel=DEFAULT_CHANNEL)
size_t Skip (size_t skipMax)
byte operator[] (size_t i) const

Public Attributes

SecByteBlock m_buf
size_t m_head
size_t m_tail

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