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aes.h File Reference

Class file for the AES cipher (Rijndael) More...

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class  AES
 AES block cipher (Rijndael) More...


typedef RijndaelEncryption AESEncryption
typedef RijndaelDecryption AESDecryption

Detailed Description

Class file for the AES cipher (Rijndael)

AES is a typdef for Rijndael classes. All key sizes are supported. The library only provides Rijndael with 128-bit blocks, and not 192-bit or 256-bit blocks

Rijndael since Crypto++ 3.1, Intel AES-NI since Crypto++ 5.6.1, ARMv8 AES since Crypto++ 6.0, Power8 AES since Crypto++ 6.0

Definition in file aes.h.