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What are the supported compilers and platforms?
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The supported compilers and platforms are summarized at http://www.cryptopp.com#platforms. Below are detailed build status pages for individual Crypto++ releases.

If you build (or fail to build) a Crypto++ release on a compiler/platform that is not listed on its status page, please report your success or problems to the Crypto++ mailing list so we can keep these pages up to date.

Please note that older C++ compilers may not implement enough C++ features to make it possible to compile Crypto++ on them without rewriting large parts of it. If a compiler is listed under the "Failure" section in a build status page, it means some effort went into trying to port Crypto++ to that compiler and the effort did not succeed.
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(Answer) Build Status for Crypto++ 5.6.0
2006-Dec-22 7:48am weidai
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