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How can I use an RSA key from Crypto++ in openssl?
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An RSA key generated with Crypto++ encoded with DER can be used in openssl if the key is specified to be PKCS#8 encoded. For example if a 4096 bit RSA public key is generated with:

    AutoSeededRandomPool rng;
    RSAES_OAEP_SHA_Decryptor priv(rng, 4096);
    TransparentFilter privFile(new FileSink("rsakey.der"));
The key can be converted by openssl with:
    `openssl pkcs8 -in rsakey.der -inform DER -out rsakey.pem -nocrypt`

Furthermore, the key can now be verified as a valid RSA key with:

    `openssl rsa -in rsakey.pem -check`

See the openssl man page for more information about using openssl.
2001-Oct-29 10:56pm mschatz, weidai

See http://www.cryptopp.com/wiki/Basic_Encoding_Rules for more information related to key format.
2007-Dec-09 6:36pm weidai
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2007-Dec-09 6:36pm
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