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Recommended Algorithms
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Crypto++ contains a large number of algorithms, and it may not always be obvious which ones to use. The algorithms given below are recommended because they are widely used and generally considered to be secure and patent-free.

block cipher: DES-EDE3, AES, Serpent (Serpent is slower than AES but has a larger security margin and is not vulnerable to timing attacks.)
stream cipher: any of the above block ciphers in CTR mode
fast stream cipher: Salsa20, Panama, Sosemanuk (available in version 5.5)
hash function: SHA-256, SHA-512, Whirlpool
message authentication code: HMAC/SHA1 or HMAC with one of the above hash functions
public key encryption: RSA/OAEP/SHA1, ECIES
signature: RSA/PSS/H, ECDSA/H, which H one of the above hash functions
key agreement: DH, ECDH
random number generator: RandomPool, AutoSeededRandomPool

See http://www.cryptopp.com/benchmarks.html for how fast these algorithms are.
2007-Apr-16 4:48pm weidai, weidai

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2007-Apr-16 4:48pm
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