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I'm getting internal compiler errors on Windows 98.
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This seems to be a bug in MSVC which does occur only on Windows 9x and not on Windows NT/2000/XP. You can work around it by compiling the .cpp file that causes the error individually, and then continue the build process. Or, according to johnyang, disabling precompiled headers will solve this problem.
2002-Feb-19 8:04pm weidai
I encountered the same problem attempting to build cryptlib.lib with MSVC 6 (SP5) on Win 98 SE. I tried compiling each cpp file individually. No problem with that, but still couldn't build the lib. Turning off use of the precompiled header did the trick.
TIP: Don't remove the definition "USE_PRECOMPILED_HEADERS" from the Project Options. Even though it seems like a contradiction, the definition is needed in the build. Just go to the C/C++ tab under project settings, choose the Precompiled Headers category and select "Not using prcompiled headers." It's only necessary to do this for the cryptlib project. The crypttest project will build fine as-is.

2002-Jul-21 1:26pm ghaecker
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2008-Sep-19 7:37pm
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