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Is there anyone I could pay to help me with this?
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These people below have experience with C++ and Crypto++. At least one of them is likely to be available and interested in your project, for the right price.
2000-Dec-09 3:03am alister, faq-o-matic

With 3 years of solid experience with Crypto++ and 8 years with C++, I can provide quality consulting and integration services for any Crypto++ project, as well as for computer security projects in general. Due to my convenient geographic location, I am able to offer sufficient pricing flexibility to suit any client profile: my past and existing clients include government organizations, corporations, professionals, and even students.

You are invited to visit http://www.bitvise.com/services.html for further information.
2001-Apr-22 7:52pm faq-o-matic, alister

http://www.SecondMouse.com Gary@SecondMouse.com

Second Mouse Publishing, LLC has extensive experience with Crypto++ and can be contacted for consulting to help your company get Crypto++ in place for your security needs. We do general IT consulting and Custom Programming. We have worked with clients worldwide and are very good at finishing what others have started and failed. Hence our name, Second Mouse Software, the Second Mouse gets the cheese.

Feel free to contact me directly at Gary@SecondMouse.com for inquiries or visit http://www.SecondMouse.com to get our free Simple ActiveX Control that encapsulates the Rijndael algorithm in Crypto++. It can be found on our Free Code Page.
2003-Jul-15 7:41am gary

Seekford Solutions, Inc.--

Seekford Solutions, Inc. provides custom software development with expertise in Internet protocols, encryption and security. We are happy to help you implement the crypto++ api, or create a project based on the technology to meet your needs.
2007-Dec-05 7:41am brians, weidai

Jeffrey Walton.
439-5915, Maryland Area Code
Portfolio available upon request.
2006-Dec-26 8:02pm jeffrey
Dave Modi, MCL, Mumbai, India. Email : dmodi@mcl.in; www.mcl.in

2007-Dec-05 5:04am dmodi
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2007-Dec-05 7:41am
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