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I compiled cryptest.exe successfully, but am getting linker errors with my own application.
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Make sure Crypto++ and your application projects are using the same C++ run-time libraries. The option for this is under Project Settings/"C/C++"/Code Generation/Use run-time library. The Crypto++ library project defaults to multi-threaded non-DLL libraries.
2000-Nov-16 3:20am weidai
Also make sure that they are using the same calling conventions. This is under Project Settings/"C/C++"/Code Generation/Calling convention. Note that Crypto++ has DLL and static library build configurations, and they use different calling conventions.
2006-Dec-11 11:00pm weidai, weidai
Also, make sure you are linking against the right library. If you want to use the DLL form of Crypto++, link against cryptopp.lib in win32\dll_output or x64\dll_output. If you want to use the static library form, link against cryptlib.lib in win32\output or x64\output. (Directory names are relative to where you unzipped Crypto++.) This is for MSVC 2005. For other compilers do a file search to find where the appropriate .lib file is.

Alternatively, you can add the appropriate Crypto++ project file to your solution/workspace as a dependent project, and link against it that way.
2006-Dec-12 5:28pm weidai

See also Jeffery Walton's "Compiling and Integrating Crypto++ into the Microsoft Visual C++ Environment" at http://www.codeproject.com/useritems/CryptoPPIntegration.asp. It has a detailed discussion of common compiling and linking errors for MSVC 6.
2006-Dec-17 10:34pm weidai
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