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How do I use a stream cipher?
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Stream ciphers implement the SymmetricCipher interface, which is documented at http://www.cryptopp.com/docs/ref/struct_symmetric_cipher_documentation.html. The following example uses the Sosemanuk stream cipher:
        byte plaintext[100], ciphertext[100], key[Sosemanuk::DEFAULT_KEYLENGTH], iv[Sosemanuk::IV_LENGTH];
        // put data into key, iv, and plaintext here
        // encrypt
        Sosemanuk::Encryption enc(key, Sosemanuk::DEFAULT_KEYLENGTH, iv);
        enc.ProcessData(ciphertext, plaintext, 100);
        // now decrypt
        Sosemanuk::Decryption dec(key, Sosemanuk::DEFAULT_KEYLENGTH, iv);
        dec.ProcessData(plaintext, ciphertext, 100);

2007-Aug-16 5:11pm weidai
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2007-Aug-16 5:11pm
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