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This is the Crypto++ ( http://www.cryptopp.com ) Frequently Asked Questions document.

If you have any questions not answered in this FAQ, please search the Crypto++ mailing list archive, and then post your question to the mailing list if you can't find the answer in the archive.
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(Answer) Where is the tutorial?
(Answer) Where is the reference manual?
(Answer) Is there anyone I could pay to help me with this?

Knowledge of cryptography
(Answer) How am I going to use Crypto++ if I don't have a clue about cryptography?
(Answer) Recommended Algorithms
Links to cryptographic resources - http://www.mobiuslinks.com/links.asp?sid=1

Using the library
(Answer) How much C++ experience do I need to use this library?
(Answer) How do I use the Filter class?
(Answer) How do I use hex encoding and decoding?
(Answer) How do I use a block cipher in Crypto++ 4.x?
(Answer) How do I use a block cipher in Crypto++ 5.x?
(Answer) How do I use a stream cipher?
(Answer) How do I use a hash function?
(Answer) How do I use a message authentication code?
(Answer) How do I use a random number generator?
(Answer) How do I use a public key cryptosystem or signature scheme?
(Answer) How do I encrypt a message using a *private* key? (example of using signature with recovery)
(Answer) How can I use an RSA key from Crypto++ in openssl?
(Answer) The sample code shows how to work with a file, but my data is in a string (or vice versa).
(Answer) Why is ElGamal key generation so slow?
(Answer) I'm trying to process multiple messages with a Filter, and MaxRetrievable() always returns 0 after the first one.

Compiling, linking, and testing issues
(Category) What are the supported compilers and platforms?
(Answer) I am getting compiler errors with GCC.
(Answer) I get an "error opening file" message when I run cryptest.exe.
(Answer) Why can't I read Crypto++ objects from files via FileStore with STLport streams?
Microsoft tools
(Answer) I compiled cryptest.exe successfully, but am getting linker errors with my own application.
(Answer) I'm getting internal compiler errors on Windows 98.

(Answer) How can I contribute to this FAQ?

New Questions
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