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DES_XEX3_Info Struct Reference

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#include <des.h>

Inheritance diagram for DES_XEX3_Info:
FixedBlockSize< 8 > FixedKeyLength< 24 > DES_XEX3 TwoBases< BlockCipher, DES_XEX3_Info > SimpleKeyingInterfaceImpl< TwoBases< BlockCipher, DES_XEX3_Info > > AlgorithmImpl< SimpleKeyingInterfaceImpl< TwoBases< BlockCipher, DES_XEX3_Info > > > BlockCipherImpl< DES_XEX3_Info >

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Static Public Member Functions

static const char * StaticAlgorithmName ()
static size_t StaticGetValidKeyLength (size_t)

Static Public Attributes

static const int BLOCKSIZE
static const int KEYLENGTH
static const int MIN_KEYLENGTH
static const int MAX_KEYLENGTH
static const int DEFAULT_KEYLENGTH
static const int IV_REQUIREMENT
static const int IV_LENGTH

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