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safer.h File Reference

#include "seckey.h"
#include "secblock.h"

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class  SAFER
 base class, do not use directly More...
class  SAFER::Base
class  SAFER::Enc
class  SAFER::Dec
class  SAFER_Impl< BASE, INFO, STR >
struct  SAFER_K_Info
 _ More...
class  SAFER_K
 SAFER-K More...
struct  SAFER_SK_Info
 _ More...
class  SAFER_SK
 SAFER-SK More...


typedef SAFER_K::Encryption SAFER_K_Encryption
typedef SAFER_K::Decryption SAFER_K_Decryption
typedef SAFER_SK::Encryption SAFER_SK_Encryption
typedef SAFER_SK::Decryption SAFER_SK_Decryption

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