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osrng.h File Reference

#include "config.h"
#include "randpool.h"
#include "rng.h"
#include "aes.h"
#include "sha.h"
#include "fips140.h"

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class  OS_RNG_Err
 Exception class for Operating-System Random Number Generator. More...
class  MicrosoftCryptoProvider
class  NonblockingRng
 encapsulate CryptoAPI's CryptGenRandom or /dev/urandom More...
class  BlockingRng
 encapsulate /dev/random, or /dev/srandom on OpenBSD More...
class  AutoSeededRandomPool
 Automaticly Seeded Randomness Pool. More...
class  AutoSeededX917RNG< BLOCK_CIPHER >
 RNG from ANSI X9.17 Appendix C, seeded using an OS provided RNG. More...


typedef AutoSeededRandomPool DefaultAutoSeededRNG
 this is AutoSeededX917RNG<AES> in FIPS mode, otherwise it's AutoSeededRandomPool


void OS_GenerateRandomBlock (bool blocking, byte *output, size_t size)

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