Crypto++  5.6.3
Free C++ class library of cryptographic schemes
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
 3way.hClasses for the 3-Way block cipher
 adler32.hClass file for ADLER-32 checksum calculations
 aes.hClass file for the AES cipher (Rijndael)
 algebra.hClasses for performing mathematics over different fields
 algparam.hClasses for working with NameValuePairs
 arc4.hClasses for ARC4 cipher
 argnames.hStandard names for retrieving values by name when working with NameValuePairs
 asn.hClasses and functions for working with ANS.1 objects
 authenc.hBase classes for working with authenticated encryption modes of encryption
 base32.hClasses for Base32Encoder and Base32Decoder
 base64.hClasses for the Base64Encoder, Base64Decoder, Base64URLEncoder and Base64URLDecoder
 basecode.hBase classes for working with encoders and decoders
 blake2.hClasses for BLAKE2b and BLAKE2s message digests and keyed message digests
 blowfish.hClasses for the Blowfish block cipher
 blumshub.hClasses for Blum Blum Shub generator
 camellia.hClasses for the Cameliia block cipher
 cast.hClasses for the CAST-128 and CAST-256 block ciphers
 cbcmac.hClasses for CBC MAC
 ccm.hCCM block cipher mode of operation
 chacha.hClasses for ChaCha8, ChaCha12 and ChaCha20 stream ciphers
 channels.hClasses for multiple named channels
 cmac.hClasses for CMAC message authentication code
 config.hLibrary configuration file
 cpu.hFunctions for CPU features and intrinsics
 crc.hClasses for CRC-32 and CRC-32C checksum algorithm
 cryptlib.hAbstract base classes that provide a uniform interface to this library
 default.hClasses for DefaultEncryptor, DefaultDecryptor, DefaultEncryptorWithMAC and DefaultDecryptorWithMAC
 des.hClasses for DES, 2-key Triple-DES, 3-key Triple-DES and DESX
 dh.hClasses for Diffie-Hellman key exchange
 dh2.hClasses for Diffie-Hellman authenticated key exchange
 dll.hFunctions and definitions required for building the FIPS-140 DLL on Windows
 dmac.hClasses for DMAC message authentication code
 drbg.hClass file for NIST SP800-90A Determinsitic Random Bit Generators
 dsa.hClasses for the DSA signature algorithm
 eax.hEAX block cipher mode of operation
 ec2n.hClasses for Elliptic Curves over binary fields
 eccrypto.hClasses and functions for Elliptic Curves over prime and binary fields
 ecp.hClasses for Elliptic Curves over prime fields
 elgamal.hClasses and functions for ElGamal key agreement and encryption schemes
 emsa2.hClasses and functions for various padding schemes used in public key algorithms
 eprecomp.hClasses for precomputation in a group
 esign.hThis file contains classes that implement the ESIGN signature schemes as defined in IEEE P1363a
 filters.hImplementation of BufferedTransformation's attachment interface
 fips140.hClasses and functions for the FIPS 140-2 validated library
 gcm.hGCM block cipher mode of operation
 gfpcrypt.hImplementation of schemes based on DL over GF(p)
 gost.hClasses for the GIST block cipher
 gzip.hGZIP compression and decompression (RFC 1952)
 hex.hClasses for HexEncoder and HexDecoder
 hmac.hClasses for HMAC message authentication codes
 ida.hClasses for Information Dispersal Algorithm (IDA)
 idea.hClasses for the IDEA block cipher
 lubyrack.hClasses for the Luby-Rackoff block cipher
 mars.hClasses for the MARS block cipher (IBM AES submission)
 mersenne.hClass file for Mersenne Twister
 misc.hUtility functions for the Crypto++ library
 modarith.hClass file for performing modular arithmetic
 modes.hClass file for modes of operation
 mqv.hClasses for Menezes–Qu–Vanstone (MQV) key agreement
 nbtheory.hClasses and functions for number theoretic operations
 ocb.hOCB block cipher mode of operation
 oids.hASN.1 object identifiers for algorthms and schemes
 osrng.hClasses for access to the operating system's random number generators
 panama.hClasses for Panama stream cipher
 polynomi.hClasses for polynomial basis and operations
 pssr.hClasses for probablistic signature schemes
 pubkey.hThis file contains helper classes/functions for implementing public key algorithms
 pwdbased.hPassword based key derivation functions
 queue.hClasses for an unlimited queue to store bytes
 rabin.hClasses for Rabin encryption and signature schemes
 randpool.hClass file for Randomness Pool
 rc2.hClasses for the RC2 block cipher
 rc5.hClasses for the RC5 block cipher
 rc6.hClasses for the RC6 block cipher
 rdrand.hClasses for RDRAND and RDSEED
 rijndael.hClasses for Rijndael encryption algorithm
 ripemd.hClasses for RIPEMD message digest
 rng.hMiscellaneous classes for RNGs
 rsa.hClasses for the RSA cryptosystem
 rw.hClasses for Rabin-Williams signature schemes
 safer.hClasses for the SAFER block cipher
 salsa.hClasses for Salsa and Salsa20 stream ciphers
 seal.hClasses for SEAL stream cipher
 secblock.hClasses and functions for secure memory allocations
 seckey.hClasses and functions for implementing secret key algorithms
 seed.hClasses for the SEED block cipher
 serpent.hClasses for the Serpent block cipher
 sha.hClasses for SHA-1 and SHA-2 family of message digests
 sha3.hClasses for SHA-3 message digests
 shacal2.hClasses for the SHACAL-2 block cipher
 shark.hClasses for the SHARK block cipher
 simple.hClasses providing basic library services
 skipjack.hClasses for the SKIPJACK block cipher
 smartptr.hClasses for automatic resource management
 sosemanuk.hClasses for Sosemanuk stream cipher
 square.hClasses for the Square block cipher
 strciphr.hClasses for implementing stream ciphers
 tea.hClasses for the TEA, BTEA and XTEA block ciphers
 twofish.hClasses for the Twofish block cipher
 vmac.hClasses for the VMAC message authentication code
 wake.hClasses for WAKE stream cipher
 xtr.hThe XTR public key system
 xtrcrypt.h"The XTR public key system" by Arjen K
 zdeflate.hDEFLATE compression and decompression (RFC 1951)