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WAKE_Policy< B > Class Template Reference

Inheritance diagram for WAKE_Policy< B >:
AdditiveCipherConcretePolicy< word32, 1, 64 > WAKE_Base AdditiveCipherAbstractPolicy

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Public Types

typedef word32 WordType

Public Member Functions

unsigned int GetAlignment () const
unsigned int GetBytesPerIteration () const
unsigned int GetIterationsToBuffer () const
bool CanOperateKeystream () const
virtual void OperateKeystream (KeystreamOperation operation, byte *output, const byte *input, size_t iterationCount)=0
virtual unsigned int GetOptimalBlockSize () const
virtual void WriteKeystream (byte *keystream, size_t iterationCount)
virtual void CipherSetKey (const NameValuePairs &params, const byte *key, size_t length)=0
virtual void CipherResynchronize (byte *keystreamBuffer, const byte *iv, size_t length)
virtual bool CipherIsRandomAccess () const =0
virtual void SeekToIteration (lword iterationCount)

Static Public Attributes

static const int BYTES_PER_ITERATION

Protected Member Functions

void CipherSetKey (const NameValuePairs &params, const byte *key, size_t length)
void OperateKeystream (KeystreamOperation operation, byte *output, const byte *input, size_t iterationCount)
bool CipherIsRandomAccess () const
word32 M (word32 x, word32 y)
void GenKey (word32 k0, word32 k1, word32 k2, word32 k3)

Protected Attributes

word32 t [257]
word32 r3
word32 r4
word32 r5
word32 r6

Detailed Description

template<class B = BigEndian>
class WAKE_Policy< B >

Definition at line 28 of file wake.h.

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