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PasswordBasedKeyDerivationFunction Class Reference

abstract base class for password based key derivation function More...

#include <pwdbased.h>

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virtual size_t MaxDerivedKeyLength () const =0
virtual bool UsesPurposeByte () const =0
virtual unsigned int DeriveKey (byte *derived, size_t derivedLen, byte purpose, const byte *password, size_t passwordLen, const byte *salt, size_t saltLen, unsigned int iterations, double timeInSeconds=0) const =0
 derive key from password

Detailed Description

abstract base class for password based key derivation function

Definition at line 14 of file pwdbased.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual unsigned int PasswordBasedKeyDerivationFunction::DeriveKey ( byte *  derived,
size_t  derivedLen,
byte  purpose,
const byte *  password,
size_t  passwordLen,
const byte *  salt,
size_t  saltLen,
unsigned int  iterations,
double  timeInSeconds = 0 
) const [pure virtual]

derive key from password

If timeInSeconds != 0, will iterate until time elapsed, as measured by ThreadUserTimer Returns actual iteration count, which is equal to iterations if timeInSeconds == 0, and not less than iterations otherwise.

Implemented in PKCS5_PBKDF1< T >, PKCS5_PBKDF2_HMAC< T >, and PKCS12_PBKDF< T >.

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