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MicrosoftCryptoProvider Class Reference

Wrapper for Microsoft crypto service provider. More...

Public Types

typedef unsigned long ProviderHandle

Public Member Functions

 MicrosoftCryptoProvider ()
 Construct a MicrosoftCryptoProvider.
ProviderHandle GetProviderHandle () const
 Retrieves the CryptoAPI provider handle. More...

Detailed Description

Wrapper for Microsoft crypto service provider.

See also

Definition at line 40 of file osrng.h.

Member Function Documentation

ProviderHandle MicrosoftCryptoProvider::GetProviderHandle ( ) const

Retrieves the CryptoAPI provider handle.

CryptoAPI provider handle

The handle is acquired by a call to CryptAcquireContext(). CryptReleaseContext() is called upon destruction.

Definition at line 60 of file osrng.h.

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