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HuffmanEncoder Class Reference

Huffman Encoder. More...

#include <zdeflate.h>

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struct  Code

Public Types

typedef unsigned int code_t
typedef unsigned int value_t

Public Member Functions

 HuffmanEncoder (const unsigned int *codeBits, unsigned int nCodes)
void Initialize (const unsigned int *codeBits, unsigned int nCodes)
void Encode (LowFirstBitWriter &writer, value_t value) const

Static Public Member Functions

static void GenerateCodeLengths (unsigned int *codeBits, unsigned int maxCodeBits, const unsigned int *codeCounts, size_t nCodes)

Public Attributes

SecBlock< Codem_valueToCode

Detailed Description

Huffman Encoder.

Definition at line 30 of file zdeflate.h.

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