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EC2N Class Reference

Elliptic Curve over GF(2^n) More...

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Public Types

typedef GF2NP Field
typedef Field::Element FieldElement
typedef EC2NPoint Point
- Public Types inherited from AbstractGroup< EC2NPoint >
typedef EC2NPoint Element

Public Member Functions

 EC2N (const Field &field, const Field::Element &a, const Field::Element &b)
 EC2N (BufferedTransformation &bt)
void DEREncode (BufferedTransformation &bt) const
bool Equal (const Point &P, const Point &Q) const
const PointIdentity () const
const PointInverse (const Point &P) const
bool InversionIsFast () const
const PointAdd (const Point &P, const Point &Q) const
const PointDouble (const Point &P) const
Point Multiply (const Integer &k, const Point &P) const
Point CascadeMultiply (const Integer &k1, const Point &P, const Integer &k2, const Point &Q) const
bool ValidateParameters (RandomNumberGenerator &rng, unsigned int level=3) const
bool VerifyPoint (const Point &P) const
unsigned int EncodedPointSize (bool compressed=false) const
bool DecodePoint (Point &P, BufferedTransformation &bt, size_t len) const
bool DecodePoint (Point &P, const byte *encodedPoint, size_t len) const
void EncodePoint (byte *encodedPoint, const Point &P, bool compressed) const
void EncodePoint (BufferedTransformation &bt, const Point &P, bool compressed) const
Point BERDecodePoint (BufferedTransformation &bt) const
void DEREncodePoint (BufferedTransformation &bt, const Point &P, bool compressed) const
Integer FieldSize () const
const FieldGetField () const
const FieldElement & GetA () const
const FieldElement & GetB () const
bool operator== (const EC2N &rhs) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from AbstractGroup< EC2NPoint >
virtual const ElementSubtract (const Element &a, const Element &b) const
virtual ElementAccumulate (Element &a, const Element &b) const
virtual ElementReduce (Element &a, const Element &b) const
virtual Element ScalarMultiply (const Element &a, const Integer &e) const
virtual Element CascadeScalarMultiply (const Element &x, const Integer &e1, const Element &y, const Integer &e2) const
virtual void SimultaneousMultiply (Element *results, const Element &base, const Integer *exponents, unsigned int exponentsCount) const

Detailed Description

Elliptic Curve over GF(2^n)

Definition at line 44 of file ec2n.h.

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