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DH_Domain< GROUP_PARAMETERS, COFACTOR_OPTION > Class Template Reference

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#include <dh.h>

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DL_SimpleKeyAgreementDomainBase< GROUP_PARAMETERS::Element > SimpleKeyAgreementDomain KeyAgreementAlgorithm AsymmetricAlgorithm Algorithm Clonable

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Public Types

typedef GROUP_PARAMETERS GroupParameters
typedef GroupParameters::Element Element
typedef DH_Domain

Public Member Functions

 DH_Domain (const GroupParameters &params)
 DH_Domain (BufferedTransformation &bt)
template<class T2 >
 DH_Domain (RandomNumberGenerator &v1, const T2 &v2)
template<class T2 , class T3 >
 DH_Domain (RandomNumberGenerator &v1, const T2 &v2, const T3 &v3)
template<class T2 , class T3 , class T4 >
 DH_Domain (RandomNumberGenerator &v1, const T2 &v2, const T3 &v3, const T4 &v4)
template<class T1 , class T2 >
 DH_Domain (const T1 &v1, const T2 &v2)
template<class T1 , class T2 , class T3 >
 DH_Domain (const T1 &v1, const T2 &v2, const T3 &v3)
template<class T1 , class T2 , class T3 , class T4 >
 DH_Domain (const T1 &v1, const T2 &v2, const T3 &v3, const T4 &v4)
const GroupParameters & GetGroupParameters () const
GroupParameters & AccessGroupParameters ()
void GeneratePublicKey (RandomNumberGenerator &rng, const byte *privateKey, byte *publicKey) const
 generate public key
std::string AlgorithmName () const
 returns name of this algorithm, not universally implemented yet
CryptoParametersAccessCryptoParameters ()
unsigned int AgreedValueLength () const
 return length of agreed value produced
unsigned int PrivateKeyLength () const
 return length of private keys in this domain
unsigned int PublicKeyLength () const
 return length of public keys in this domain
void GeneratePrivateKey (RandomNumberGenerator &rng, byte *privateKey) const
 generate private key
bool Agree (byte *agreedValue, const byte *privateKey, const byte *otherPublicKey, bool validateOtherPublicKey=true) const
 derive agreed value from your private key and couterparty's public key, return false in case of failure
const Element & GetGenerator () const
virtual void GenerateKeyPair (RandomNumberGenerator &rng, byte *privateKey, byte *publicKey) const
 generate private/public key pair
CryptoMaterialAccessMaterial ()
 returns a reference to the crypto material used by this object
const CryptoMaterialGetMaterial () const
 returns a const reference to the crypto material used by this object
virtual const CryptoParametersGetCryptoParameters () const
void BERDecode (BufferedTransformation &bt)
 for backwards compatibility, calls AccessMaterial().Load(bt)
void DEREncode (BufferedTransformation &bt) const
 for backwards compatibility, calls GetMaterial().Save(bt)
virtual ClonableClone () const
 this is not implemented by most classes yet

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string StaticAlgorithmName ()

Protected Member Functions

const DL_GroupParameters
< Element > & 
GetAbstractGroupParameters () const

Detailed Description

template<class GROUP_PARAMETERS, class COFACTOR_OPTION = typename GROUP_PARAMETERS::DefaultCofactorOption>


Definition at line 13 of file dh.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<class GROUP_PARAMETERS , class COFACTOR_OPTION = typename GROUP_PARAMETERS::DefaultCofactorOption>
void DH_Domain< GROUP_PARAMETERS, COFACTOR_OPTION >::GeneratePublicKey ( RandomNumberGenerator rng,
const byte *  privateKey,
byte *  publicKey 
) const [inline, virtual]

generate public key

size of publicKey == PublicKeyLength()

Reimplemented from DL_SimpleKeyAgreementDomainBase< GROUP_PARAMETERS::Element >.

Definition at line 58 of file dh.h.

void DL_SimpleKeyAgreementDomainBase< GROUP_PARAMETERS::Element >::GeneratePrivateKey ( RandomNumberGenerator rng,
byte *  privateKey 
) const [inline, virtual, inherited]

generate private key

size of privateKey == PrivateKeyLength()

Implements SimpleKeyAgreementDomain.

Definition at line 1386 of file pubkey.h.

References Integer::Encode(), and Integer::One().

bool DL_SimpleKeyAgreementDomainBase< GROUP_PARAMETERS::Element >::Agree ( byte *  agreedValue,
const byte *  privateKey,
const byte *  otherPublicKey,
bool  validateOtherPublicKey = true 
) const [inline, virtual, inherited]

derive agreed value from your private key and couterparty's public key, return false in case of failure

If you have previously validated the public key, use validateOtherPublicKey=false to save time.
size of agreedValue == AgreedValueLength()
length of privateKey == PrivateKeyLength()
length of otherPublicKey == PublicKeyLength()

Implements SimpleKeyAgreementDomain.

Definition at line 1400 of file pubkey.h.

void SimpleKeyAgreementDomain::GenerateKeyPair ( RandomNumberGenerator rng,
byte *  privateKey,
byte *  publicKey 
) const [virtual, inherited]

generate private/public key pair

equivalent to calling GeneratePrivateKey() and then GeneratePublicKey()

Definition at line 808 of file cryptlib.cpp.

References SimpleKeyAgreementDomain::GeneratePrivateKey(), and SimpleKeyAgreementDomain::GeneratePublicKey().

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